Introduction to Solidworks 3D Modelling & Drawing – Computer Aided Design

Introduction to Solidworks 3D Modelling & Drawing –  Computer Aided Design

Solidworks is a computer-aided design software used for creating 3D designs used for multiple industries and for us being engineering.

 This course is a mix of both theory and practical applications ideal for those with little or no previous knowledge of computer aided design.

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The aim of this one day course is to provide a greater understanding of using computer aided design for creating parts, drawings and assemblies utilising the Solidworks software package.


Participants will:

  • Understand the basics of Solidworks as a software package
  • Understand key features, limitations and use within engineering environment
  • Creating a base using features and sketches
  • Adding fillets to smooth edges
  • Creating a circular pattern
  • Adding drawing views
  • Adding centrelines, centre marks and dimensions to the drawing
  • Adding a shell feature
  • Editing features
  • Adding parts to an assembly
  • Moving and rotating components in an assembly

This programme uses a mixture of group discussions, pro-forma examples, information input sessions along with practical application to fully involve participants.

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